The Voice of Heart is basically a rhythm game, but not challenging at all. During the whole game experience you just need to focus on the button on the single-key telegraph, typing some Morse codes, reading the text, and feeling the story. The game is about a man, John, and his childhood sweetheart – Alice, who engaged but separated by the inhumane warfare. The player will be playing John to send telegrams to ensure the victory of the war – and also Alice’s love for him.

I am basically a programmer, learning painting during leisure time, which means magnificent illustration and animation are very unfriendly to me. However, the relaxing and immersive experience I found in Florence showed me a new angle of creating video game: being simple, but also compelling. Then, here came The Voice of Heart, in which you will not hurt your finger, but you may simply elegantly press at the only button and watch the story.

Here is the demo of the game. After playing it , I believe you will have a  general idea of how The Voice of Heart is played. 

The music is Koibumi whose the original artist is Yanaginagi, and rearranged to piano version by Animenz. Koibumi is from a visual novel game, Rewrite by Key. This game talks about a story revolved around love and death: the heroine loves the main character, but the fate is not on their side. I chose this song because I thought The Voice of Heart tells a very similar story, in which John is forced to separate from his love. However, I didn't leave the whole song in this demo, because the player could still find hope in The Voice of Heart.

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